Our Services

Best Rink, Inc. is a local company strategically located in the Boston Metro West area. We have years of experience with residential/non-commercial recreational ice skating rinks. We maintain a solid reputation for delivering exceptional service in the following areas:

Site Planning

Finding the ideal placement of your rink is a key to success. Level ground is optimal. We can advise you on the best site to place the rink, or if landscaping changes are necessary.


Best Rink is uniquely positioned to provide you with creative and cutting edge rink design options. With our background in Engineering and our years of experience in the backyard rink business, we are able to provide you with personalized plans that fit your specific needs.


We will help you pick out the right materials and accessories for your rink. Are plywood or plastic boards better? What is the difference between a heavy duty liner and a regular one? Do I need outdoor lights? What about seating? What do I need to maintain my rink? We advise you on all of these questions and help find the best solutions for your specific situation.

Best Rink E-mail: Contact@BestRink.com