Step 4 – Fill


We rely on Meteorologist Joe Joyce and his Twitter Feed to keep us up to date on when to fill the rink with water. Wait until there are freezing overnight temperatures for at least three nights in a row.


We recommend filing with a truck (or two) of water. In the past we have used Dalton Water Company and had good results. Prices vary depending on distance – each town usually has a specific price. You can also fill the rink with your own hose. This method requires patience and monitoring and should not be attempted in high winds or on a deep rink. Call your local DPW for info on a second water meter for outdoor use. It may save you money on your sewer bill.


Walk the entire site and remove sticks and rocks.
Lay out the liner and fill immediately once it is in place to prevent accidental damage from high winds, animals, etc. Here is a clip on how to properly roll out your liner prior to fill. Make sure there is enough liner to hang over all the boards.

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