Step 1 – Choose the Site


Check the levelness (pitch) of the site. 6″ pitch or less is recommended. It is also important to choose a site that will drain into a safe area (away from buildings) in the spring when it is time to dismantle the rink.

Rink size

Rinks with measurements divisible by four or eight are the easiest to put up because plywood and Nice Rink plastic boards come in 4′ and 8′ sections. For two foot high boards, liners should be six feet wider and six feet longer than the rink itself. For four foot boards, liner should be twelve feet wider and twelve feet longer than the rink itself. This allows for enough liner material to go up and around the boards to contain the water/ice.


Water source nearby to fill and resurface the rink, if possible with a hot water hook up. Hose will need to be brought inside after resurfacing to prevent freezing.

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